In order to develop our project, we use the two very famous evolution models. We at SysSoft Technology adhere to the international models like the Water Fall Model and the Agile process.

Operation and Maintenance

This is also the mission of our organization. Our role in the software development does not end by just delivering you the required software. We go ahead by providing you a continuous support on the software that we delivered to you in terms of training, maintenance and bug fixes those you may discover at your end.

The model that we follow for software development is very simple process when it comes to software development. But we at SysSoft Technology like challenges and we have enveloped the famous Waterfall model with the famous agile process. In very simple terms agile process helps us to constantly monitor our customer’s requirement. In this process we try to present to our customer every bi-weekly the product that we are trying to develop, this way the customer is always aware of the product that is being developed and can help us to deliver a better product. This process helps us to meet the requirement change that our client would like us to do in the software. At the same time it gives SysSoft Technology an opportunity to go into areas that it has never been into.